Hunting Hills

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Hunting Hills High School
150 Lockwood Ave
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
T4R 2M4
Phone: (403)342-6655
Fax: (403)341-4335

Hunting Hills High School is one of two large high schools in the Red Deer Public School District.   The school is a modern technologically advanced building which houses approximately 1400 students.

Our school is entering into its seventeenth year of operation and has established an excellent reputation of academic excellence. We have made a conscious effort to accommodate the needs of all of our students with such programs as:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Athletics
  • CTS
  • English as a Second Language
  • Fine Arts
  • Foundations
  • Leadership
  • Modern Languages
  • Pathways
  • Knowledge and Employability
  • Sports Excellence
  • Strategies

There are 125 staff members associated with Hunting Hills, including teachers, support staff and personnel from community agencies.


Hunting Hills High School is striving for excellence by providing the best curriculum, instruction and learning opportunities in order to maximize the potential of all students.

VISION STATEMENT: Building Our Future Today

Following are values, characteristics, or attributes that we have agreed to strive for in our community. We would like these to describe us and distinguish us.

  • Equity: Includes equality, fairness, balance, consistency, safety and the opportunity to have a voice.
  • Safety: I feel safe, safe environment, safety in our actions, expectations about our good behavior, consistent discipline.
  • Acceptance: A sense of belonging, openness, open doors, friends, freedom.
  • Choices: Flexibility, opportunities, support interests, teachers, courses, freedom, options.
  • Spirit: Enthusiasm, comfortable, sense of humor, social time, friends
  • Integrity: trust, responsibility, focus, honesty
  • Achievement: your best, challenge, success, recognition, each of us, all of us