Animation 2


For the next 2 days you are going to experiment with various types of materials. Parsley or sand, toothpicks, string, dry erase markers, lego, colored water. You and your group members will be using still cameras to capture incremental movement using the materials provided. Each day two themes will be chosen from a hat. Each group will have 2 minutes to brainstorm a concept related to the theme (record concept in point form ***keep concept simple).

After concept is agreed on each group will go to their assigned station and start to photograph their project. One person is assigned the photographer role, (photographer will be shown all the settings needed to make sure the photos are in focus and have sufficient light.) while other members are to move and manipulate the materials to bring them to life.

Every 16 minutes an alarm will sound, remove card from your camera, move to next station and place the card in the new camera. Shoot all your project on the same card. When the last alarm sounds, select one group member to download all the photos and put them in a folder called Stop_TeamName. Create sub-folders inside this directory and label them the materials used. Sub divide pictures into those sub-folders you see on the left. At the end of the day you will place the folder into the cts_hand_in folder. On day 2 you will move the folder from the hand in to the cts_pickup folder so every group member will have a copy of the photos so they can be resized in Photoshop before bringing them into Adobe Premiere to create your video file.

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