Animation A is for Apple

HHHSDA pAGE bREAKA is for Apple B is for….


The alphabet song, we have all grown up to it. Singing it with a purple dinosaur or some fuzzy puppets. Now that you know your abc”s its time to play with them. Animate them, move them, shake them, turn them upside down and rotate them here and there and everywhere.


Storyboard your ideas for what you want the letters to behave.  You can draw it on anything you find, some of my best ideas were drawn while having lunch with friends on a restaurant napkins. Get inspiration for everyday things you see: signs, books, people, clothing, food, the list is endless.

Final words and thought: Remember an A doesn’t always have to be an A. (Although in school, when you do get an A it is nice for it to be an A.) So good day A.

These  thumbnail ideas on some substrate are to be handed in to me. You will scan them so you can post them on your blog. I will provide some feedback and you will be required to post feedback on other students projects also.


Using Flash you are going to create an animation using all the letters of the alphabet. They are to be animated using various styles you have learned from the previous tutorials you have learned.

Assignment details: