What is animation? It’s about the illusion of movement. It’s about breathing life into drawings, making something move across the screen. It’s about exploration and patience. Animation is about fun and hard work.  When you watch Shrek, you do not see the countless hours by modelers, animators, illustrators, graphic artists, writers, and many, many more people behind the scenes.  You see life. Ogre Life, but life never the less.  In this course, you will have many roles, you will have to work with others and believe in them and come to rely heavily on them. You will learn a great deal grasshopper, even if it is that you don’t want to do animation, it is still a lesson learned. So embrace the many roles and welcome the animation challenge so one day you can snatch the animated pebble from my hand young grasshopper.

Below are examples of the different types of animation. Let these inspire you so you can unleash your imagination out into the world.

Non Traditional Animation Flipbook

Stop Motion Animation

2D Animation

3D Animation

Suggested Readings / Videos / Materials: