Understanding Exposure (Shutter Speed) Day 2

Project 2:  Understanding Exposure Day 4: Shutter Speed – Day 2


  1. Watch the Shutter Speed Creative video.
  2. As always, take notes and post on your web (shutter speed creative page).  Provide at least two visual examples for both frozen motion and motion blur.
  3. Partner up and sign out a camera.  Set your camera to the following settings:  TV mode, ISO 200.  Set the autofocus back to all all points, rather than the center point.
  4. Head outside and take a series of photos of your partner running across the field.  The photographer and camera should remain in the same spot and the subject should run from side to side across the frame.  Start at 1/500th sec and for each subsequent shot, double the amount of time.  So, start at 1/500th then 1/250th then 1/125th then 1/60th, etc until you get to 1 sec.
  5. Switch roles.
  6. Upload the photos, resize in photoshop and then place the shutter speed value on the photo (same as the aperture activity).  Create a gallery called “Shutter Speed” and post on your shutter speed creative page.