Day 5

Day 5 of Online Presentation Assignment.

I have included all information on the assignment below.  You can refer back to page 1 if you need to review the module descriptions.

Assignment #1: Create an Online Presentation of the Basic Composition Principles/Rules

  1. Read the above documents (the module description and student outcomes) in their entirety.  You may view them online or download them to your Photography 20 folder.
  2. Create the following titles on your Composition page:
    1. Simplicity
    2. Camera Angles
    3. Rule of Thirds
    4. Backgrounds
    5. Elements and Principles of Design (only need to provide 1-2 visual examples for each)
        1. Elements:  Line, Shape or Form, Space, Texture, Value, Color
        2. Principles:  Unity, Emphasis /Focal Point, Balance, Proportion /Scale,  Space, Rhythm
    6. Golden Triangle
    7. Lines and Diagonals
    8. Formal and Informal Balance
    9. Fill the Frame
    10. Landscape Rules.
  3. Watch the following introduction video from me.
  4. Click on the following links, and watch the following videos and summarize the information presented under the appropriate titles on your page.  You are not required to watch every video and visit every link.  They have been provided to you so that you have many resources to pull the information from.  So, pick and choose and watch as many as you need or want.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.  The information on your page needs to be in your own words.  You also need to find a minimum of three images (use creative commons search) for each example and add them to your page.  Think of your composition page as your class notes (but make them look good and easy to navigate through).   
  5. Once you have finished collecting and learning the information, you will be creating an online presentation for the composition rules.  Head over to PREZI and create an account.  Check out a few samples and then watch the tutorials on creating a Prezi.
  6. Begin creating your PREZI.
  7. You will have five days to complete this assignment in it’s entirety.  This should include a completed Composition page on your website and an embedded PREZI on the same page.  I will create a video explaining the embedding process later this week.
  8. Your next composition assignment will require you to take your own shots of the composition rules/principles so make sure you know them down pat. 

Composition and Exposure Intro from Stephen Pottage on Vimeo.

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