Day 7

Project 2:  Understanding Exposure Day 1: Aperture – Day 1

Students will:

  1. Define Exposure
  2. Explore how aperture, shutter speed and ISO control exposure and form the exposure triangle
  3. Explain the relationship between Aperture and Shutter Speed
  4. Articulate how Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO control the amount of light that enters the camera
  5. Describe and demonstrate the creative and technical natures of aperture and shutter speed
  6. Demonstrate the role of aperture in depth of field
  7. Define the three creative apertures:  storytelling, who cares, and isolation (or single theme)
  8. Shoot a variety of shots using different creative modes:  AV, TV & M and, explain situations for using each.
  9. Explain the purpose of the camera’s light meter and demonstrate obtaining varying exposures; e.g., underexposed images, properly exposed images and overexposed images
  10. Create an online portfolio of student Exposure shots as well as a comprehensive learning guide about the Exposure triangle and concepts that make it up
  11. examine and explain the purpose of the camera’s light meter
  12. explore additional elements that aid in exposure; e.g., white balance, exposure compensation
  13. Demonstrate the ability to make minor exposure fixes in photo editing software (Photoshop)



  1. If you haven’t already, create an Exposure page under your Photography 20 page.
  2. Create seven child pages of Exposure:  Exposure Triangle, Aperture Technical, Aperture Creative, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed Technical, Shutter Speed Creative, and ISO.
  3. Create a navigation system of text links on all of the above pages to allow quick navigation through your pages.
  4. Watch the videos on this page which explain the Exposure Triangle and the technical side of Aperture.
  5. Take important notes and start adding content to the Exposure triangle and Aperture technical pages.  (There will be a test in a couple of days on this content).  Feel free to embed a YouTube video on each page to help present the concepts and ideas.  There doesn’t necessarily need to be visual examples for each of them, but it is suggested.  Remember, you are teaching yourself AND OTHERS the content so ensure that you have provided enough.


Exposure Triangle – Aperture – Technical from Stephen Pottage on Vimeo.

Describing the technical nature of Aperture.

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