Day 9

Project 2:  Understanding Exposure Day 3: Aperture Day 3

To Do:

  1. Continue working on Day 8 if you haven’t yet completed it.
  2. Create a Camera Basics child page (on your website) under Photography 20.
  3. Watch the video below on Autofocusing.  Take notes and add to your camera basics page.  Refer to this page if necessary.
  4. Using the center autofocus point and basic composition concepts (rule of thirds and filling the frame) shoot another series of Aperture shots similar to yesterday.
    1. Camera settings:  ISO 200, AV mode, Jpeg.
    2. Camera to subject distance <10ft.  Subject to background distance > 20ft.
    3. Shoot the exact same shot for each Aperture Value.
    4. Upload images into your Photography folder and place the Aperture value on each image.
    5. Create a gallery of the images (call it Exploring Depth of Field) and place on your Aperture Technical page.  Watch the following video for step-by-step instructions.  Ensure that the pictures in your gallery are in order (either from largest Aperture down to the Smallest, or vice versa).  The gallery should flow from one Aperture to the next, not jump around.  For sorting images in NextGEN galleries, watch this video.