Day 1



  • Submit a folder with all of your photos into Pottage_Photo 20
  • Name the folder, “lastname_composition”
  • All images need to be in .jpeg format and named accordingly.  E.g., Pottage_ruleofthirds_1, Pottage_simplicity_2, etc
  • There must be three examples for the following:
    • Simplicity
    • Camera Angles
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Backgrounds
    • Elements and Principles of Design (only need to provide 1-2 visual examples for each)
      1. Elements:  Shape or Form, Space, Texture, Value, Color
      2. Principles:  Unity, Emphasis /Focal Point, Balance, Proportion /Scale,  Rhythm
    • Lines and Diagonals
    • Formal and Informal Balance
    • Fill the Frame
    • Landscape Rules.
  • You must also place your images on the composition page under the appropriate headings.
  • This assignment is due December 1, 2011.