Day 10

Project 2:  Understanding Exposure Day 4

To Do Today:

  1. Watch the video below on the creative apertures.  Using the video as a reference, identify and define the creative apertures on your Aperture Creative webpage.  Find at least two visual examples for each (use creative commons search) and add on your page, below the definitions.
  2. Using either the 50mm f/1.8 or 85mm f/1.8, attempt to take 3 examples of each creative aperture.  It is assumed that you will be taking your photos outside so set your ISO to either 100 or 200.  Shoot in AV (aperture priority mode).  Shooting cheat sheet below.
    1. Isolation Apertures (shallow depth of field) use apertures of f/4 or larger (smaller #’s).
    2. Who Cares Apertures (when depth of field doesn’t matter) use middle apertures of f/9 – f/11.
    3. Storytelling Apertures (deep depth of filed) use very small apertures (f/22, etc)
  3. Upload the photos to your computer.
  4. Resize the images in Photoshop and upload to your aperture creative page.  Combine your images with the two web examples for five visual examples for each type of aperture.  Use the code method to create a gallery for each.