Panoramic Photography


A panorama or a panoramic photo is achieved by combining or stitching a series of photos together.  Panoramas are generally extremely wide photos that have a field of view wider than the human eye.  It is possible to create a panorama from a single image with extreme cropping but for best results and quality, combining several images together is the preferred approach.


  1. Students will create two panoramic shots.
  2. Watch the video below on shooting panoramic images.  Some important technical info is:
    1. Shoot in Manual mode to ensure that your exposure remains consistent from one shot to the next.
    2. Use manual focus.
    3. Use relatively small apertures (f/16 – f/22)
    4. Use of a tripod is an absolute must.
    5. Try to use focal lengths of 50mm or longer (wide angle lenses can create distortion and make the stitching process more difficult)
  3. Sign out a camera and tripod.  Find an appropriate place and shoot a series of 10 or more  images (ensuring you have adequate overlap from one image to the next).
  4. Upload your images to Lightroom.
  5. Convert your RAW files to JPEG if necessary.
  6. Watch the video below on stitching your images together in Photoshop CS5 or follow this tutorial.
  7. Check out these panoramas that were shot on the moon during Apollo missions.
  8. Save your final images as JPEGS into your Google Drive Hand In.


Combining Your Panorama from Stephen Pottage on Vimeo.

For additional information about panoramic photography, check out the Wikipedia page.