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One of the greatest aspects of the internet is the ability to share and view the amazing creative work that people are doing all over the world. Whether you are browsing Social Media or specifically searching for something on a Search Engine, you can find inspiration to get you over that creative block.

***NOTE: There is a balance we have to try to maintain as aspiring artists when it comes to Copyright. One of the best ways to develop your skills is to learn from the greats. View their work, analyze it, try their techniques and it will help you get better. This way you can begin to create your own style. But, always do your best to recognize the original artist. Give credit where credit is do. 


YOU TUBE is one of the best learning tools ever invented. You can search how to do just about any effect, style, technique you want. Use it you your advantage.

HERE is a Playlist of cool ideas for projects.


PINTEREST is a great source for ideas an inspiration. Create an account, answer some questions and it will cater to your interests.


CLICK HERE for a list of artist websites/social accounts that are a great place to check out the pros at work.

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