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Use this class to finish up our Circles and Extreme Angles projects.

Once those are done AND HANDED IN, have a look at Powerschool and check if you are missing any projects (NR). Use the rest of class to catch up on any late assignments - remember even a very late mark is better than a 0.

If you are all done, then you can grab your camera (clear the card) and participate in the photo scavenger hunt below.

Students that submit all of the photos in a folder labelled "lastname_scavengerhunt" will be entered into a draw to win LIGHTNING LOONIES. Photos must be IN FOCUS, using our Rules of Composition and creatively shot (angles). Also label your photos with the numbers below.

  1. Flag

  2. Shoe

  3. Hand

  4. Tree Trunk

  5. Camera

  6. Joy

  7. Empty

  8. Reflection

  9. Shadow

  10. Sad

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