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As we wrap up with Animation, we have students that are at varying levels of "caught up".

Some of you are completely on track with everything submitted.

Some have missed a few classes for different reasons and are behind.

Some haven't used their time very well and are behind.

So, for today, you have 2 options...

  1. If you are BEHIND, you can speak with your DA9 teacher and discuss why you are behind and what you intend to work on today to CATCH UP.

  2. If you are ON TRACK, you can choose one of the following short projects to work on.

  3. Create a 6x6 inch Illustrator document, design a vector sticker that will be printed in the coming days. It must be designed by you or at least vector traced, not just copy and pasted.

  4. Create another character using the template.

  5. Create a short animation using the files in THIS FOLDER.

  6. Create a short animation of your choosing.

It is NOT AN OPTION to simply do nothing today if you are caught up. This is an opportunity for others to catch up for various reasons or for you to continue to develop your skills.

When you turn this project in, you will either get a mark that helps your overall grade or if it doesn't, it will be exempt. If you turn in nothing, you will get an NR (0).

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