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In Digital Arts 10, we learned not to simply "take pictures" but instead how to "make a photograph". Our discussions about COMPOSITION and the EXPOSURE TRIANGLE taught you that there is an art and a science to Photography.

We are going to do a very quick review of what we learned in DA10, then you will apply those skills as we add new techniques and equipment to your tool belt.

CLICK HERE for the Exposure Triangle review.

CLICK HERE for our Composition Review.

We will get the cameras/tripods in your hands and review the settings as well. Then your job will be to go out and capture the following photos...

  • Fast Shutter Speed

  • Slow Shutter Speed

  • Shallow Depth of Field

  • Deep Depth of Field

  • 4 Photos of your choice using Compositional Rules

...remember when I ask for 8 photos, you should take at least triple that and choose your best.

Also, most of these photos will have evidence of at least two of the requirements. Your job is to choose what you believe you have BEST demonstrated.

Once you have some photos, we will get you editing using ADOBE LIGHTROOM CLASSIC.

In the folder with your photos, name the individual photos based on the technique you are trying to show.


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