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Digital Arts & Design 30/31/35 will allow you to showcase the skills you developed in your 9/10/20 level courses. This will be a very self directed course, which means you will have a lot of freedom, but time management will be super important.


Some guidelines and things to keep in mind...

- You will get to choose which areas you want to focus on. You can have a mixture of disciplines or focus all on one. 

- TAKE ADVANTAGE of the technology we have - camera gear, tablets, lighting, laser cutter, plotter - this is your last opportunity to explore with all of these incredible tools.


- This is a 5 credit per semester course. But, you can certainly earn more, especially if you are enrolled all year. A credit should average about 20 hours of work across one or multiple projects. 


- You will need to sit down with me once every 3 weeks(ish) to check in and review your progress. The dates for those meetings will be posted.


You will find projects that focus on Vector Design, Raster Design, Branding & Advertising, Layout and more under this list.


You will find projects related that challenge your skills in Indoor and Outdoor Photography, Lighting, Photo Editing and more under this list.


You will find projects that involve the three stages of Filmmaking (Pre-Production, Production & Post Production under this list.


You will find projects that involve 2D Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Special Effects, Character design and more under this list.


You will find projects that involve Architectural Design, Product Design, Engineering, etc. under this list.



Browse through the "Inspiration" link at the top for other ideas and inspiration. Or search and come up with your own.

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