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We are going to start our venture into Photography. In Digital Arts, you will learn not to simply "take pictures" but instead how to "make a photograph". There is an art and a science to it. But, before we get the cameras in our hands there is some things we need to understand about them. CLICK HERE for our intro into Photography and the Exposure Triangle - we will use this presentation for your whole DA Career.

As we go through the presentation above, we will pause to work through some small projects...

OUR FIRST MINI PROJECT is meant to get you familiar with the camera...

Using P Mode on your Camera, you are going to shoot a series of 6 photos, the theme is COLOR WHEEL. You need to capture a photo of...

  • RED




  • BLUE


...try to capture a variety of subjects - natural, man made, close up, wide shots, textures, unique angles.

After we capture some photos, we will go through the process of uploading and editing them using ADOBE LIGHTROOM CLASSIC.

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