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Our next project, using our vector design tools, will be to create a key chain, a phone popper or a christmas ornament that we will laser cut out on acryllic or wood. Something like this...

Our machine is capable of all of the examples above, but for DA9 we will be creating our own version.

You will need to design using only black and white because that is what the laser understands - specifally black outlines for this project.

You will be creating SILHOUETTES. Silhouettes are widely used in Graphic Design, especially with logos. Alternatively, you can create text based designs.

Create 3-5 designs. Options - Key Chain, Phone Popper, Token

Pick your favorite design to laser cut.


If you finish early/quickly, as a bonus you can create some stickers. These can be traced or original creations, but MUST be vector. Create a letter sized sheet for this.


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